Vail Daily letter: Martinez for Minturn |

Vail Daily letter: Martinez for Minturn

Aggie Martinez
Minturn, CO, Colorado

I would like to express my deepest apologies for being absent from the forum on Tuesday, March 23. I was feeling a bit under the weather, but can now gratefully say that I feel much better.

I have been a Minturn resident for 50 years and will be running for Town Council in the upcoming election. Last year I was appointed by the council members and secured a position on the council.

In the time that I have spent with the council, I can proudly say that I have enjoyed working with the other members in order to better our community. I have learned a lot by listening to the thoughts and suggestions of our community.

There are many reasons for which I am running for Town Council. I value our community and its members. My overall goal is to be a voice for the residents of Minturn. I recognize that there are many issues that need to be addressed in order for our town to continue to strive and successfully grow.

I would like to recognize some of these issues and offer my suggestions regarding each matter. The water plant in Minturn is extremely outdated. In order to produce more water and better the quality, an upgrade is in order. As many of you know the town of Minturn has experienced water breaks that were detrimental to the homes and businesses of many residents. As a result many individuals were unable to access water and in the case of commercial businesses, lost revenue.

This issue is one that I am very knowledgeable about. Before retiring, I was an employee at the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District for 34 years. I have extensive experience as an inspector for new water and sewer lines.

Many water lines need to be replaced with higher quality materials such as C900 plastic pipes that will not deteriorate underground.

Another issue at hand is the quality of the streets and sidewalks. As of right now south Minturn is without sidewalks and throughout the town the streets are in poor shape. In order to ensure the highest level of safety for our residents, we need to install sidewalks and repair existing damages.

The final issue I would like to address is the Battle Mountain development. Due to the current economic situation, the development has not been progressing as fast as we would have liked. The development, however, is still under way.

I understand that the steady development of Battle Mountain would have helped jump start our community financially. However, I would like to bring light to this situation.

For as long as I have lived in Minturn our town and our community has been strong. We have endured many trials and tribulations, yet we have survived. We will continue to survive and prosper regardless of obstacles that we face.

I have identified a small number of concerns and realize that there are many more that have to be addressed. With time each of these issues will be explored and properly resolved.

My final suggestion would be to apply for grants and tap into stimulus money from the government in order to get these projects done. We as Town Council members do not have all of the answers. This is why I value any and every suggestion given to me by my fellow community members. I am looking forward to continue working with the Minturn Town Council and serving our community. I would genuinely appreciate your support and vote on Tuesday, April 6

Aggie Martinez

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