Vail Daily letter: Matter of respect |

Vail Daily letter: Matter of respect

Jim Akin
Vail, CO, Colorado

Recently, one of my liberal friends asked me why I hated President Obama. My response was and is, “I don’t hate President Obama.” I truly think he is sincere in his motives and really does care about this, especially the poor and the middle class.

I commend him for his efforts to fight terrorism and for wanting to get the United States out of the Middle East. I commend him for having what appears to be a very loving family relationship. He has a lot of good personal qualities. I don’t hate him.

If I were in Congress, I would vote for an increase in the minimum wage to $9. I would vote for an increase in the gas tax to upgrade roads and bridges. I would vote for registering all gun purchases. I would vote for a system where by undocumented immigrants could obtain a work permit and have a road to citizenship. That’s in line with much of what I understand President Obama supports. So I do support a lot of his initiatives.

I just don’t care for what and how he administers the office of the presidency, which is mostly political and self-serving. By the way, do we really know who is calling the shots? How much that comes out of the White House is influenced and directed by others, like Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, etc.? I have never seen a live sound video of President Obama in Oval Office action. Have you? Why not? I guess we will have to wait for the movie.

The fact is many Americans like me, about 49 percent according to the last election, just flat out don’t agree with his politics, plain and simple.

Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush I and II all said big government is not the solution to our problems. Yet President Obama chooses to ignore his predecessors and take the county down the road of big government and socialism. At this point 51 percent, barely a majority, agree with him, so he will attempt (thankfully the House and Senate don’t agree with him on every issue) to get his way for four more years.

It is obvious he has no intention of moving to the middle, and will continue to push his socialist agenda to the very end. I think the next president, be it Republican or Democrat will reverse this agenda and move the country back towards the center, with a balance between liberalism and conservatism. However, the damage has been done with a soaring national debt, the inability to balance the budget or even get a budget, the loss of national pride as seen by other nations, the loss of military prowess, etc. etc. etc.

It probably will take a whole generation to recover from the damage done by President Obama’s administration. Even if the likes of Hillary Clinton gets elected next go around, I think she (with hubby’s assistance) will make a big reverse in the countries direction. Like hubby Bill started, I strongly suspect Hillary and Congress will clean up the welfare system and get this country rolling again. I would not be surprised if she did not reverse or modify a lot of the wrong doings in Obamacare and address the real issues which are “health care costs.” Right now, I personally like Hillary better than many of the GOP suggested candidates. She is a known entity and I think she would make a good first woman president.

But back to President Obama. When I see videos of former President G.W. Bush, I see a warm, easy going, relaxed, friendly man. A man who does not seek the lime light, photo ops or personal recognition (such as an unannounced meeting of returning injured veterans in a Houston VA hospital). I don’t get that feeling with Mr. Obama. He appears stiff, stuffy, formal, un-friendly; very self centered. I would have a great deal more respect for him if he had refused the Nobel Peace Prize stating he did not feel he had done anything to deserve it. I would have a great deal more respect if he would open all of his background records, certificates, school records, documents, etc. and state “here I am, I have nothing to hide.” I would respect him more if he would campaign less and govern more. I would respect him more if he would stick to his convictions and did not flip flop on issues. I would respect him more if he would act on his campaign promises and not just tell the people what they want to hear, i.e. he campaigned in 2008 on removing the income tax on senior’s Social Security payments; he never took any such action. I would respect him more if he and his family (and the VP) did not take lavish vacation trips and fund raising trips at the tax payer’s expense. I would respect him more if he had not make a big public issue and over state consequences of Congress’ (specifically the GOP) actions for the sequestration and then close down the White House to the public for a big show when there are millions that could be saved elsewhere with no show; for example a few less golf outing and campaign trips.

No, I don’t hate President Obama. I just don’t respect him.

On a personal note, this will be my last letter to my friend and editor Don Rogers. After 30 years in the computer industry and 12 wonderful years in Vail, my wife and I are retiring to our home town of Evergreen, Colo. I’m not retiring from my passion of politics, just shifting my letters to the Evergreen Cannon Courier and to the Denver Post, two bastions of liberalism in much need of conservative input.

So farewell to the Vail Daily, the Eagle County Republican Party, the staff and classmates of the MWF aerobic class at Aria, and to all of my faithful conservative friends in Vail. We must continue to fight the good fight, so keep those cards and letters coming. Come see us in Evergreen. We’ll leave the light on.

Jim Akin


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