Vail Daily letter: Mayor Woodland is special |

Vail Daily letter: Mayor Woodland is special

Wendi Rowles-Ortiz
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dear town of Eagle residents: The purpose of this letter is to give you a perspective you may not have on Ed Woodland. I have known Ed and his family now for 10 years and have had the honor and privilege of working with him for eight.

Ed is an amazing man of character. He conducts his personal and business affairs with honesty and integrity and with a level of compassion that I have not experienced with many other people. He is generous with his family, clients and employees. Ed never fails to show his appreciation for a job well done.

Ed has high expectations in the work place, which breeds excellence and perfection. Anyone who has had dealings with Ed is better for having known him. Ed is able to communicate with people in a way that makes them know he cares. His attention to detail, ability to prioritize and relentless search for solutions is what allows him to not only provide for his family but to successfully operate a law firm and tend to town of Eagle business matters with ease.

The town of Eagle has been fortunate to have a man of Ed’s moral character and passion for helping people leading this town for the past several years, as mayor. I may not live in Eagle anymore, but I believe that Ed Woodland is making good decisions for the residents and visitors of Eagle.

Wendi Rowles-Ortiz

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