Vail Daily letter: McCaulley for Holy Cross |

Vail Daily letter: McCaulley for Holy Cross

Mike Staten
Vail, CO, Colorado

In the next few days you will receive a ballot from Holy Cross Energy for election of the Board of Directors.

I am asking you to vote for John McCaulley. I have known John for almost eight years and have watched his leadership abilities up close as a part of the WECMRD Board of Directors. As a WECMRD employee and a Gypsum resident, I am proud of what John accomplished with WECMRD. Over his tenure with WECMRD, our district has grown at a rapid rate with the additions of the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink, Gypsum Recreation Center, and the WECMRD Field House at Edwards. At every step of the way John help lead our district to new heights while planning for our future.

John is running for the Board of Directors in order to represent and be an advocate for the Holy Cross Energy cooperative. Our future will bring a number of legislative, financial and environmental questions which Holy Cross will be challenged by. As a board member, John will work to keep energy prices fair, stable and affordable. He believes strongly in the need for fairness and sustainability as Holy Cross faces many new challenges.

John has served on multiple boards, including for Edwards Metro District, Western Eagle County Recreation District, and Special District Association of Colorado.

John is a leader in every endeavor he chooses to pursue. John has been an active member of our community for years. His leadership with WECMRD has helped our district facilities have some of the highest cost-recovery rates in Colorado.

John led our planning committee for the WECMRD Field House in 2008-09. Some of the decisions he helped make in the early stages of planning for this facility has paid big dividends for our community. Our facility utilities have been a fraction of the cost of other facilities similar in size. With an estimated savings of $25,000 a year, this was a direct result of John’s vision and leadership with WECMRD.

John has seen our communities struggle with the economic downturn loss of revenue and jobs. He will listen to the needs of the customers and Holy Cross to ensure long term economic stability and clean sustainable energy. John McCaulley believes that Holy Cross Energy is important to our communities. He understands we must find the best and cleanest way to provide reliable and affordable energy solution to the entire community.

John McCaulley is the person for this job. I urge you to hire him by filling out the ballot, mail it in, and vote for him.

Mike Staten