Vail Daily letter: McInnis for governor |

Vail Daily letter: McInnis for governor

Lucille Write
Vail, CO, Colorado

It’s no secret that the steady rise of unemployment has harshly impacted our lifestyle on the Western Slope.

The question is how to fix it and get our lives up and running again.

Luckily, the answer is simple. We need low taxes to facilitate more tourism, which means that more people are going to come to Colorado and spend money.

With this chain reaction in mind, it’s easy to see that with all of this money flowing through Colorado there is going to be a greater demand for jobs and lessen the strain of the shadow of unemployment that’s been looming over our heads.

Now that the root of the problem is solved, all we need to do is elect officials who have Colorado’s and especially the Western Slope’s best interest at heart.

Scott McInnis wants to lower taxes, which would start this chain reaction and revive Colorado from the chokehold it’s been in over the past four years under Bill Ritter’s supervision.

If we want to see positive “change” in Colorado, we need to elect a tried-and-true man who understands that raising taxes is not the way to solve economic problems.

Lucille Write


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