Vail Daily letter: McInnis should end governor quest |

Vail Daily letter: McInnis should end governor quest

Dr. Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

Open letter to Scott McInnis: Sir, you have acknowledged that there was plagiarism involved with regard to the “Musings on Water” piece that you were purportedly paid $300,000 to write for the Hasan Family Foundation.

You also acknowledged that you enlisted the services of Rolly Fisher to assist in writing the piece and that Fisher was solely responsible for the plagiarism. Fisher responded in the Glenwood Post Independent by saying, “Scott is responsible for it.”

Over the past year, there has been a groundswell of concerned Americans who have realized that many of those whom we have elected to represent us are not in tune with the virtuosity requirement that our founders required of them.

You have clearly violated that requirement. This groundswell includes many independents and disgruntled Democrats who are now supporting conservative Republican candidates. If the Republican Party in Colorado supports you, then quite likely those independents and disgruntled Democrats who are looking for real change in November will be turned off.

Should you survive the Aug. 10 primary, which is doubtful, the Democratic candidate will most likely decimate you at the polls in November.

Colorado is facing many challenges, and the Republican Party must focus on those issues and not distractions such as this.

Mr. McInnis, are you concerned with having a viable conservative candidate to lead our state out of these many crises, or are you like many of those who have been elected to represent us? Are you only interested in self-preservation and gain?

Mr. McInnis, man up, do the right thing, do your mea culpas to the Hasan Family Foundation and anyone else you have stained, including Justice Hobbs, and end your candidacy.

Dr. Michael Schneider

Eagle County chairman for Dan Maes’ candidacy for governor

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