Vail Daily letter: McInnis takes wrong side of immigration issue in Arizona |

Vail Daily letter: McInnis takes wrong side of immigration issue in Arizona

Tim Indermuehle
Vail, CO, Colorado

“I would do something very similar” (to what Gov. Jan Brewer did in Arizona). These are the exact words of Scott McInnis, who is running for the office of governor of Colorado this year.

In the past McInnis tried to paint himself as a moderate Republican. I never thought of him as a moderate Republican, but I did believe that he was doing what he thought was best for the citizens of Colorado.

In this new political environment, McInnis has been forced to bow down to many kings and false prophets to get elected, not unlike how a prostitute bows down to whomever. One of the groups McInnis is bowing down to are the radical immigration reform people and the tea party people.

I feel that McInnis backing immigration reform legislation similar to Arizona’s would be detrimental to the long-term economic survival of Colorado.

First, it’s obvious to me the law will be struck down under the provisions of the 14th Amendment. Why should the taxpayers waste money fighting about something that will be struck down by the Supreme Court anyway?

If he is a fiscal conservative, why would he do this? It’s knowingly and willingly wasting our tax dollars.

Second, there will be economic repercussions in the form of lost tourism dollars. There is already talk of massive boycotts in Arizona because of their new law.

Travel warnings have been posted about Latin tourists’ safety in America. A lot of our business in Vail is generated from tourism from south of our unsecured border.

Ask every restaurant owner in Vail Village and Lionshead the economic impact of Mexico and South America during Christmas and Easter weeks.

When the economy crashed two years ago Latin America was our only business. If we pass hate-based, knee-jerk legislation in Colorado I personally will suffer with everyone else who is dependent on tourism dollars.

Tourists don’t have to come to Colorado. They can spend their fun tickets anywhere in the world they want. I’m already down 30 percent income wise from three years ago, when the economy was good.

Is the immigration system broke? Yes, it is. Have any presidents since Jimmy Carter addressed this problem? No, they’re all spineless.

Am I comfortable for a variety of reasons having undocumented people and workers crossing our borders? No, we have to fix the system.

I feel that racial profiling is morally wrong and there are other ways to address this issue such as making it extremely painful for business owners to knowingly hire undocumented people.

When Scott McInnis is trying to define himself as a candidate for all of Colorado keep his stance on racial profiling in mind.

In my opinion he will be hurting all the citizens of Colorado fiscally by supporting illegal legislation and this is contrary to how he portrays himself. Remember this when you go to the polling booths in November.

Tim Indermuehle


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