Vail Daily letter: McQueeney for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: McQueeney for commissioner

It’s voting season! How can you tell ? All the yard signs and politico TV commercials is my guess. So my question is, will you be voting for Eagle County commissioner based on a name you recognized from a yard sign or because you know a candidate that is a qualified leader engaged in Eagle County’s collective future?

Jeanne McQueeney is that candidate. She has been at the helm of Eagle County leadership on behalf of our children and families for over 16 years and most recently as a board member of two of our most important organizations, the Eagle County School Board and the Eagle River Youth Coalition.

Jeanne McQueeney has been an unwavering champion for our children, families (including families in need) and the middle class. She understands the needs of our poor and our working class who struggle to earn a living or work from pay check to pay check. She has in depth experience and understanding of the issues we now face including the importance of early childhood education, the sustainability of our educational systems and programs, increased affordable access to health care and our current urgent need for focused community leadership that calls for collaboration instead of continued competition between and among community sectors.

It’s time to rebuild Eagle County and its communities with focused leadership. It’s time to build a strong Eagle County Board of Commissioners to lead. It’s time to elect Jeanne McQueeney as Eagle County commissioner to be a leader on that team. Vote Jeanne McQueeney even without a yard sign to remember her name.

Jill E. Kovacevich

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