Vail Daily letter: Medicinal pot here to stay |

Vail Daily letter: Medicinal pot here to stay

Greg Honan
Vail, CO, Colorado

On July 13, the Eagle County commissioners held a meeting to discuss a potential ban of “dispensaries,” now called medical marijuana centers, and the creation of a local licensing system.

About 10 months ago we started Herbal Elements in Eagle-Vail. I have run many businesses in the past and this has been the most hours I have ever worked (sorry wife and daughters).

Therefore, when the idea arises that all this work could just disappear, perhaps I get a bit wound up. Although I speak to people and patients very often on the topic, apparently I am not the best when speaking in front of large groups.

Therefore, I would like to clarify a few things. No. 1: I would like to thank Joe Hoy and the Sheriff’s Office for doing research on the seven medical marijuana centers in our area and discovering that the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t show any contact with any of these centers since they have been in existence. I did not mean to use this research to rub it in the sheriff’s face, but since I called him John four times and was corrected, I was a bit defensive.

My point was that the “dispensaries” are not causing chaos and crime, as some had believed.

Secondly, I would like to clarify that I was mistaken in my facts that a citizen is able to force a ballot initiative, which led me to come across as combative with the commissioners as I was ending my time public comment.

Sara Fisher was trying to explain that only the commissioners could decide if there would be a ballot initiative, and I kept cutting her off because I thought she was incorrect.

Peter Runyon made it clear that citizens are not able to force a ballot initiative, so my apologies.

I was given ample time to speak and discuss issues with the commissioners and I want them to know that I appreciated their time and did not want to end on a negative note.

By the end of the meeting, it was proposed to put a potential ban to a vote by the people of Eagle County.

I would like the public to consider these following points: Medical marijuana is here to stay in Colorado, as our state representatives have just recently passed extensive legislation to regulate the industry. We would like to be a productive part of our community, follow the state guidelines, create jobs, support local businesses, provide a safe environment for our patients, provide high-quality medicine, educate children and adults on actual realities of marijuana and keep marijuana usage in taxpaying structures and keep it out of the hands of the black market.

If there is a vote to be had, I want the public to be properly educated and motivated.

Greg Honan


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