Vail Daily letter: Medicinal value |

Vail Daily letter: Medicinal value

Buddy Sims along with Sgt. Jim Gerhardt, Commander Jerry Peters and other cannabis prohibitionists (Letter: It Ain’t ‘Medicine’ Nov. 1) may believe cannabis (marijuana) has no medical value, but that is contrary to scientific evidence and over 5,000 years of documented history of medical use. Cannabis was listed in the American U.S. Pharmacopeia for about 100 years before cannabis prohibition caused its removal.

n 1988, DEA Judge Francis Young ruled that “marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.” Even the federal government gives cannabis to some patients for medical use for over 20 years through the Compassionate Investigational New Drug program.

And Sims stating “The American Medical Association recommends that marijuana remain a Schedule I controlled illegal federal substance” is simply false. It was national news in November 2009 that the AMA officially asked the federal government to review the status of cannabis in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. They have acknowledged the medical benefits of cannabis.

Stan White


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