Vail Daily letter: Minturn will raise rates |

Vail Daily letter: Minturn will raise rates

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO Colorado

First, let me say thank you to the Minturn citizens for voting down the tax increase that our council wanted. But now council has figured out a way to increase our cost of living without a vote.

Minturn council will raise our water rates by about $11 per SFE per month. Minturn is on a flat water rate system and they have already taken away 5,000 gallons per month from us so this is a huge increase and a very high water bill.

The Minturn seniors, 65 years and older, may opt out of this increase but they have to sign a form. I encourage the seniors to get in touch with the town or go to my website,

I do not agree with this $11 increase while our council has given bonuses, $1,000 each to staff, and the town is also paying about $2,500 more for each staff member for insurance.

Just like I told you all last year when I asked council for a tax credit, which they refused, Minturn has a surplus of about $200,000 in the general fund.

You cannot take money from the general fund and put it into the enterprise fund, which is the water. So my idea was to give the citizens a tax credit from the general fund, where we have a surplus of money, and this would help offset the water rate increase.

Of course, I was turned down. Minturn council refuses to take care of the citizens of this town. Once they have our money, they will spend it foolishly rather than give it back to us.

Hawkeye, our mayor, said since the town has money then just like a business that does good, he wants to reward the staff. Well, just like a taxpayer or investor in this town, I want a dividend check, tax credit, or I want sidewalks to make Minturn a safe community for walking. Reinvest in Minturn to provide opportunities for more improvements.

Here is a quote from a council packet: “Minturn is significantly built out.” This means that Minturn will have no real new money to help pay for water infrastructure, tap fees, etc.

Did council forget about the 1,700 hundred homes they approved?

The tap fees alone on those homes would keep our water rates lower.

Minturn currently has about 455 homes, so I would love to see our town treasurer’s calculator on that one. He must have two calculators, one that shows there is money for his raise and another that says the town needs money.

Do not forget about the $180 million promised to us that we still do not have.

Side note: December to March is the sewer averaging months, so you cannot use all the water that you are forced to pay for with our flat rate system unless you want to pay much more for your sewer rate.

I will close on a good note and say thank you to all the businesses and residents in town that put lights up. Minturn looks very festive.

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