Vail Daily letter: Minturn’s $11.6 million |

Vail Daily letter: Minturn’s $11.6 million

Frank Lorenti
Vail, CO, Colorado

Well, it seems I was right again.

I have been telling the Minturn citizens for four years that we could have gotten the $11.6 million sitting in an escrow account the day after the vote in 2008, but council said we couldn’t because of pending lawsuits. Well, lawsuits are still pending and guess what? We just got some of the $11.6 million . I wanted the full $11.6 million for the citizens.

Now let me tell you the true amount we get out of the $11.6 million. It is not the $4.3 million, like council said.

First off, Dean Adler gets $7.3 million up front.

Of the $4.3 million to us, we have to kick back $1.4 million to Dean Adler for lawsuits and administration fees. Lawsuits and administration fees are all Adler’s responsibility not ours.

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That now leaves $2.9 million, with $250,000 toward Little Beach Park improvements, and $350,000 for the scholarship fund.

We then have $2.3 million left and the council wants to spend it on water infrastructure. This is an item that Adler needed to pay for separately.

So out of $11.6 million, we really only get 600,000 and Adler gets $11 million.

Thank goodness our town council is helping out a struggling billionaire.

While the Minturn council raises the Minturn citizens’ water and trash rates and gives bonuses to our town staff and refuses to repair our streets and put in sidewalks to make our town safer for the citizens, they have the biggest heart to give away $11 million to the billionaire Dean Adler of Lubert-Adler Investments.

We also have a 2006 waste water agreement that is worth about $21 million for land purchase and building the waste water plant. But the council refuses to enforce it.

I told the truth about us never getting the entire $180 million that was promised us.

I told the truth that we could get the $11.6 million while there were pending lawsuits.

I am telling the truth that we can get the $21 million.

I will be pushing the council to use that $2.3 million for citizens benefits like bikepaths or recreation center, etc., instead of water infrastructure or at least lower our water rates.

If any citizen has other ideas on the $2.3 million let the council know or contact me through my websites at or

Frank Lorenti


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