Vail Daily letter: Mistakes of past bring Eagle River Station as solution |

Vail Daily letter: Mistakes of past bring Eagle River Station as solution

Larry Grossman
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Interesting that the mayor of Eagle takes a full page ad in the Vail Daily to make his point regarding Eagle River Station. Mayor Woodland is now in a position to put a giant Band Aid on the mistakes that the trustees and town manager have made for years with the development of the town of Eagle.

Development in Eagle has apparently taken place bass ackwards as now we need to reconstruct our infrastructure and produce revenue at the same time to survive. The politicians of the past, which included Mayor Woodland when he was a trustee, obviously planned very poorly for the future of Eagle many years ago and now have the town in a position where he believes that big boxes will save the day.

I’ve got news for you, mayor. For every low-paying job this eyesore creates, just as many will be lost, and the jobs lost will belong to the business owners in Eagle that have gotten us where we are today despite your misguided decisions of the past to create sprawl here in a quaint mountain town.

Eagle is unable to support what little retail we have in place now, and you know that but will deny it. Hell, Eagle Ranch, one of your signature approvals of the past, can’t even support a Starbucks, for crying out loud. They went belly up in a year. Look at the empty commercial shells all over Eagle and tell me we need more of this.

I suggest you consider bringing more events to Eagle to generate revenue for the town, such as I have with bike races every spring and more hopeful for next summer. Use your imagination and bring on board people who are visionaries, not sellouts to big box America.

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When you see the current business owners here in Eagle working the cash register at Target to make ends meet, making half the money with no benefits or future because they are now forced by the mega monster to play by their rules, will you really feel comfortable with the future you are pursuing here in Eagle?

With 550,000 square feet of retail on the table, and zero percent of it available for purchase by local business owners to continue their own hope of a future here, that’s right, 100 percent of this commercial property will be lease-only (at $30 a square foot!) with all of that lease money leaving Colorado for the developer’s pocket, how can you justify any of this?

The “new” roundabout is not required to be complete if construction ever starts on this nightmare, which means all construction traffic will travel back and forth on Chambers Avenue. Are you kidding me? I think KC has a mayoral race coming up soon, go build your row of boxes there.

Larry Grossman


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