Vail Daily letter: Modern inconveniences |

Vail Daily letter: Modern inconveniences

Jeff Lasky
Vail, CO, Colorado

The other morning, I went to use a new soap product that I had recently purchased. The bottle was sealed so tightly I had to go get a scissor to open it. It was soap!

I thought about the Tylenol incident that changed packaging forever. An incident caused by one individual.

A couple of years ago, a terrorist tried to board a plane in London with a tainted bottle of water. One individual terrorist and millions now prohibited from bringing one bottle of water in their carry-on.

We are now forced to spend $3 for water that cost 30 cents on the other side of the TSA checkpoint.

On Halloween, kids have to be wary of the candy that some people give them. Tricks not treats. Again, the very few affecting millions.

The future – emotionally, financially and spiritually – was changed forever on Sept. 11, 2001. A few individuals destroyed the quality of life for billions!

It is time for those billions to rout out those few and eliminate them forever.

Jeff Lasky


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