Vail Daily letter: Money talks and justice walks |

Vail Daily letter: Money talks and justice walks

Jim Ferrell
Edwards, CO Colorado

Once again, money talks and justice walks in Eagle County.

If you are rich enough to hire cagy lawyers and buy a little junk science (sleep apnea while driving at 1:30 in the afternoon?), it appears to be a piece of cake to buffalo our let’s-make-a-deal district attorney.

If this guy Erzinger is so sick that he drives off the road, hits a bicyclist, and doesn’t notice until he is stopped miles later, he should never drive again, not just take a year off.

In fact, his ability to responsibly manage other peoples’ money with this “ailment” is also called into question. Is he going to fall asleep at the moment the Dow drops 500?

To say Erzinger’s actions don’t rise to the level of felonious behavior because he might lose his livelihood is crazy talk.

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