Vail Daily letter: More commercial? |

Vail Daily letter: More commercial?

Andrew Mundo
Vail, CO, Colorado

I just read your article stating that developers Joe Frasco and Les Samelson presented plans for a 12,000-square-foot, mixed-use building in downtown Eagle.

Once again, it looks like the developers have plans to stick taxpayers with part of the tab for their venture. Sounds like the developers are wanting the town (taxpayers) to spring for a new water line to make their development feasible.

I have to ask, what do the taxpayers get in return for thier investment? A bunch of empty, over-priced commercial units that will likely sit empty?

Seems to me, if this project is supposed to be so lucrative for the developers, then they are the ones that should pay for the new water line.

In case people haven’t noticed, the town is broke, the county is broke, and so is the nation as a whole.

Just look at all the commercial units around Eagle and Gypsum that are sitting empty.

Once again, Eagle fails to realize they need a new industry, not a few short-term construction jobs that lead nowhere.

Here is an idea, how about an oil refinery? At least we would all benefit.

Andrew Mundo


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