Vail Daily letter: Moved away from all that |

Vail Daily letter: Moved away from all that

As someone who has lived in California, Texas, North Dakota, North Carolina, Nevada and now Colorado for the past 15 years, I have to say that Eagle is a rare gem of a place to live.

I did not move to this valley so I could be close to a shopping mall. I moved here because of the lifestyle that it offers in the way of outdoor recreation and smalltown living.

And while I do understand that folks have to make a living, the short-term jobs that will be created by Eagle River Station for a handful of developers, maybe local, maybe not, does not justify the long-term eyesore that will become east Eagle if ERS is built.

Eagle Ranch commercial district still has many long-time vacant spaces. Broadway is starting to show some signs of life, finally. How is adding acres of additional commercial space and 550 rental units going to help Eagle? Who is waiting in the wings to rent these units? Best Buy is closing 500 stores!

I am told, by our current leaders, that the airport and I-70 are going to be supporting ERS and generating this substantial tax revenue for Eagle. Please explain to me why people traveling from cities that have big-box anchored strip malls on every corner are going to fly in to “Vail” airport to shop in Eagle? And why are people that are driving to and from cities that have a Target or Walmart on every corner going to stop in Eagle to shop? What am I missing?

Is it too much to ask our leaders to be just a little bit creative? How about some kind of indoor sports complex? Skate park? Batting cages? Indoor golf range? Sports training facility? How about an assisted-living facility? How about a huge greenhouse? Maybe an amphitheater? Of course a restaurant or two could go along with something like this. Maybe a REI or Cabelas?

Do you live in Eagle for the ease and convenience of shopping nearby or maybe precisely the opposite?

Kelly Conley


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