Vail Daily letter: Moving Avon forward |

Vail Daily letter: Moving Avon forward

Rich Carroll
Vail, CO, Colorado

I, Rich Carroll, am asking for your vote for re-election to the Avon Town Council on Nov. 2. One reason I originally ran for the Town Council was to give back to our community. I have been fortunate to work with eight other dedicated people on your council during the last four years and have enjoyed each day.

Avon has been our family’s home for 10 years. This is a wonderful place to raise our three children. I graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in business administration with a concentration in marketing and accounting. My work life is in the constantly changing communications and technology industry. In my spare time, I ski, coach my kids’ Buddy Werner team and mountain bike.

Avon is headed in the right direction and has enormous potential. Working with our community, we can make this a better place for our residents, guests and businesses. This is a process accomplished over time in many small steps.

My priority is the health and safety of our citizens. Our roads, transit system, parks, recreation center, police and emergency services come first. I want to live in a town that takes care of the basics.

Steps have been taken to move Avon forward in the last four years. The Walking Mountains campus (formerly Gore Range Natural Science School) is adding a fantastic and unique dimension to Avon. The new ambulance station is a much-needed facility. Avon’s heat-recovery project will take energy-heat from the Eagle River wastewater treatment plant and heat the Avon Recreation Center. This can be expanded when Main Street is built. The Recreation Center has been remodeled.

We have seen the opening of The Westin and a gondola. (Credit goes to the council before me, as The Westin was approved prior to my election). These are the type of projects that truly benefit Avon.

My commitment is to be fair, work hard, treat everyone with respect and have a transparent government. I know we can accomplish more by working with people and our community. One example of this is Avon’s new land-use code that is currently under review. We have received extensive public input and the council debate that is making the code a much better product.

The pedestrian-bike paths in Wildridge have been built, thanks to me, Dave Dantas and then by garnering the support of the entire council. A pedestrian trail along U.S. Highway 6 will be built, as will the Wildridge biking lane. We are seeking grant money to assist in building a pedestrian bridge going over Highway 6 near Bob the Bridge that connects to this new Highway 6 section of trail.

I will continue the Nottingham Park improvements. The future Main Street area will be cleaned up within our current budget. Then when finances allow, we will build Main Street. The proper redevelopment of east and west Avon is important to our town’s future.

Our community events, such as the July Fourth celebration, IronKids, pond hockey and others, make for a richer Avon and help show our town in a brighter light. More activities like these will be pursued.

When all of this is woven together, Avon is positioned to be an improved town.

However, let’s not kid ourselves; Avon has been hurt by the economy, and there is much more difficult work to do in the next four years. Avon will continue to face financial pressures driven by national and local factors. Avon’s budget has been balanced in the past and will be balanced in the future. My experience is an asset to guide us through these tough times.

Let’s continue to move Avon forward. I ask for your vote on Nov. 2 to serve another four years because I want to serve. Working together, we can continue to make Avon a town for which we can all be proud. If you ever want to talk, I can be reached at 970-949-4744 or e-mailed at

Rich Carroll


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