Vail Daily letter: Munk for Holy Cross |

Vail Daily letter: Munk for Holy Cross

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Vail, CO Colorado

Your vote determines the values and policies that guide how we use, conserve and obtain the reliable electrical power we enjoy.

Utility cooperatives such as Holy Cross Electric are at the nexus between electrical power generation and our productive uses of that power.

Our good common sense teaches us that for electrical service to remain reliable and affordable, our energy uses must evolve with the future we create. Our collective sustainable energy future will be far more efficient than it is today.

It will evolve from the digging, drilling, extraction and burning industries that have powered our world economies since the industrial revolution. It will evolve to an abundant and diverse mix of clean, affordable, renewable and conventional energy sources.

Holy Cross members will greatly benefit from Dave Munk’s unique qualifications, experience and leadership skills. He works every day with utilities and energy-efficiency programs nationwide. He is well versed in the range of efficiency and sustainable energy programs that utilities all over the country have found to be successful.

Dave has remarkable leadership skills backed by knowledge and experience.

Dave is a team player and strategic thinker. I encourage you to return your ballot to Holy Cross with a vote for Dave Munk. Cast your ballot before the June 4 deadline.

Ken Olson, Carbondale

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