Vail Daily letter: Munk for Holy Cross |

Vail Daily letter: Munk for Holy Cross

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Vail, CO Colorado

If you get your energy from Holy Cross Energy, you are an owner of that co-op and you can vote to determine the future of your bills, your environment, your power and your democracy.

The way to do that is to vote for Dave Munk by mail-in ballot, which you just received.

Dave is a longtime local with a young family and deep experience in energy issues.

He is committed to listening to you perspective and increasing Holy Cross’ efforts on efficiency (which save you money!) and clean power, which keeps prices stable.

(In the northern district, you have a choice between two great, thoughtful candidates: Mike Glass and Erik Lundquist.)

Please also vote “no” on the geographic-district question.

Board members represent us all, so you should be able to vote for them. Don’t give up your right to vote.

Auden Schendler, Basalt

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