Vail Daily letter: My gun is insurance |

Vail Daily letter: My gun is insurance

Frank Lorenti
Vail, CO, Colorado

Richard Carnes’ commentary on Jan. 8, “Keep it in your pants, tough guy,” makes it clear to me that when supposedly intelligent people talk about gun control, they lose all concept of reality.

Richard says that if someone feels the need to carry a concealed weapon to the store to buy a loaf of bread, then they should move.

Where should I move, Richard? Aurora, Columbine, Vail? Richard forgot that even Vail had a deranged gunman at a local bar next to where I buy my loaf of bread.

So, Richard, tell me this mythical place where there is no crime, no drugs, etc. I also would like it to only snow on the mountain, so I do not have to shovel during the winter and could still ski every day.

Or maybe we can make all insurance a la carte.

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So lets tell our car insurance carrier that we do not need insurance today, because we are only going to the store for bread or going to the movies or dropping our kids off at school and nothing is going to happen.

Yes, I am claiming that carrying concealed weapons is like having insurance, which we, even me, “Wyatt Earp,” like one other writer called me, or “tough guy” like Richard says, hopes that I will never use any insurance that I have. But if needed, I will use that insurance.

“Tough guy,” or just a dad protecting his family? Put any label you want on me, but at the end of the day, I will defend those I love and Richard can call 911 to carry away his body.

A possible victim can chose from numerous levels of insurance or protection: take no action and be a helpless victim, take self defense classes, carry mace, carry a concealed firearm.

I fault no one that wishes to do nothing and be a helpless victim. That is their option. But let those of us that wish to protect ourselves to the fullest the right to legally do so.

Life would be great, Richard, if we all could foresee the day and time that we would need any insurance. Maybe Richard had planned to go to the movies in Aurora that night, but he knew people were going to be killed, so he stayed home. Maybe Richard knew about our local bar shooting and he decided to stay home and have a beer that night instead of going out.

Richard, please share with us the next time some people are going to get shot by a deranged gunman or if there will be a car accident today on the way to buy that loaf of bread. We will need the exact time and place, please, Richard.

Or make a law that criminals must inform the police before they commit a crime.

Until then, Richard, I will continue to live here and I will “keep it in my pants” until needed.

Frank Lorenti


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