Vail Daily letter: Mystery charge |

Vail Daily letter: Mystery charge

Alina Miller
Vail, CO, Colorado

Mystery charge

For the past couple of months, we noticed an extra charge on our Comcast bill.

After many phone calls and conflicting information with every call, we finally figured this one out: Remember the free digital adapters that everybody had to have a while back, when we transitioned to digital?

Well, they are not free anymore.

The Comcast customer service representative let us know that a letter has been sent out in December, and on the bottom of the fifth page of that letter, it states that they will start to charge for the free digital adapters.

The charge is $1.99 per each box per month.

Each Comcast customer has at least two of them.

So, Comcast, here’s the deal: Free is free. There is no changing your mind, no letters, no second thoughts. It’s free.

It’s not a matter of $1.99 per box per month (plus tax). It’s a matter of principle.

This adds to a long line of Comcast bliss, and I will be sure to take my business someplace else.

Alina Miller


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