Vail Daily letter: Name calling ever lead to productive debate? |

Vail Daily letter: Name calling ever lead to productive debate?

Fletcher MacNeill
Vail, CO, Colorado

Hello there, Karl Berger. Do you really believe what you said about President Obama in your letter to the editor Nov. 2, 2009? Do you think crap is really being shoved down your throat, and what kind of “crap” are you talking about?

Do you think the words you use in your letter – “buffoon,” “thuggish hit man Emanuel,” “outrageous spending” and “tax hikes” – are really relevant to a sincere discussion so that we can understand what you’re getting at?

You bandied about “stimulus,” “cap and trade” and “health care” as if they are just passing problems without noting the immense difficulties they present to the new president. Isn’t that cavalier of you?

Your recent letter “Debt piling up” seems to show great prowess with financial figures, ending with what each taxpayer’s debt will be: $111,000!

But your figures are awfully confusing. Did you copy something from an e-mail? Are these really your thoughts?

About that icing to your letter? Yes, that new 200 passenger Boeing 757 for Nancy Pelosi. That seems so fallacious. Have you ever run a business? There has to be an approval process for such a large purchase. How did she do it and have it painted just like Air Force One?

I’ll tell you why, Karl Berger. Pelosi, being speaker of the House, is third from being president and must fly military. So these aircraft exist, and Pelosi did not order a special aircraft and have it painted as you seem to intimate.

It is good that you are interested in expressing your views, if they are yours.

Your best thought was your admitting, late as it is, that President Bush made a huge mistake invading Iraq.

Fletcher MacNeill


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