Vail Daily letter: Name change shows evolution |

Vail Daily letter: Name change shows evolution

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

I read with interest your article on the name change for The Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis. As a longtime sup-porter of this charity, I have been amazed over the years how a small, regional organization is able to maintain the unique, high- quality programs and services that form the basis of their mis-sion- based work. For 25 years, they have managed to raise funds through ski events that are used to help people and families learn to better live with this chronic disease.

Jimmie’s pioneering philosophy of health and exercise as a means to mini-mize the disease symptoms is inspira-tional. So is his life. Jimmie is currently the campaign director for The Jimmie Heuga Center Endowment, a fund dedi-cated to long- term support of the charity he founded. Yes, Jimmie resides in a full-care facility these days, but his reach is expansive. His story continues to be one of inspiration, and his life philosophy clearly demonstrates the Can Do attitude he embraced to manage his disease.

Change is always challenging. So is keeping charitable organizations viable. The competition for donor funds is increasingly competitive. Those charities that manage best to raise awareness above the rest will be the most success-ful. The name change to Can Do MS sim-ply shows the evolution of the charity name from celebrity to the benefit pro-vided to the community. It is a powerful step, not unlike the change Lance Arm-strong’s organization made when it became Livestrong.

I, for one, applaud the organization for taking steps needed to ensure suc-cess in mission- based activity for another 25 years. Jimmie is still cen-tral to the mission and program phi-losophy. He is the story behind the cause and will continue to be. His core philosophy will continue to attract people to the mission. This is the legacy that Jimmie bestows on the charity. Long after his name is forgot-ten in the ski community, his story of life empowerment will be continued through the programs designed to help people living with MS.

– Richard Neustedter Board member, Can Do MS ( aka The Heuga Center)

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