Vail Daily letter: Need to invest in Eagle-Vail now |

Vail Daily letter: Need to invest in Eagle-Vail now

Mike Charles
Vail, CO

I want to clear up some quotes from me about the Eagle-Vail ballot question that appeared in another paper last week.

First, let me state that I support 5A, which would authorize the Eagle-Vail Metro District to issue up to $7 million in bonds to accomplish much-needed recreational improvements in Eagle-Vail.

Trust me, as one the largest taxpayers in the Metro District, this is not a decision I make lightly. But, I take even more seriously the needs of Eagle-Vail to repair, replace and upgrade the amenities we all enjoy – the golf course, the trails and bike paths, the tennis courts, the pavilion and, yes, the pool.

Speaking of the pool, let me clarify what I said in the article. The $25,000 that I mentioned would fix the pool heater and nothing else. It doesn’t even begin to address the other repairs and replacements that are needed to the pool: the decking, the buildings, and the facility in general. It’s not $25,000 versus $3.7 million as the headline said. It’s $25,000 to keep limping along, making yet another short-term fix, or it’s a larger amount of money to replace the facility, and do it right.

From the plans I’ve seen, and from all the input that I know has been gathered from residents and owners, we could have an absolutely first-class amenity, but we need 5A to do it.

Here’s the bottom line: We need to invest in our community, and now is the time to do it. Not just for the pool, but for all the other assets we have, and for everything that makes Eagle-Vail such a great place. So let’s get on board, pass 5A and move Eagle-Vail forward.

Mike Charles


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