Vail Daily letter: Needed change despite the boo birds |

Vail Daily letter: Needed change despite the boo birds

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

We have a democratic process for electing our leaders. They campaign, we ostensibly listen, we vote, and the winners take office. Seems pretty simple, but no sooner was the most recent cycle completed than the boo birds like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin began to draw their big paychecks by fomenting both distrust and hatred. They screamed “throw them out” even though we had just thrown them in.

Nevertheless, and despite their ridiculous rhetoric concerning health care, Mr. Obama accomplished what he had promised. The legislation that was passed insured millions of our citizens against financial disaster. It also guaranteed that having a pre-conditions would not be an excuse for insurers to deny coverage and that many young people would have coverage included in their parents policies. The bill also increased the opportunities to eliminate waste and prosecute fraud. Whether the legislation will cost or save money remains to be seen, but the boo birds would have you believe the worst — as they always do.

For the past five years, we have bailed out those financial institutions whose demise would threaten our economy. So in an effort to reduce both the chances of additional financial disasters and the need for future bail-outs, Mr. Obama and the Democratic members of Congress just passed legislation to eliminate, or at least control, certain financial practices. Is it a perfect solution? Time will tell, but the professional skeptics are already belittling the effort and even suggesting its repeal.

And as soon as it is properly constructed, and has a reasonable chance of acceptance, Mr. Obama will sponsor legislation that deals with illegal immigration. It will consider our best interests and also be consistent with our American heritage. But both we and our representatives will have to ignore the hate mongers, the boo birds, and also accept the fact that some compromises will be essential.

Let’s recognize that passing legislation in a democracy is difficult, compromises are essential, and very importantly, each of us has a duty to be both informed and objective.

David Le Vine

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