Vail Daily letter: Never mind Fredric |

Vail Daily letter: Never mind Fredric

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

I was all set to refute the data and assumptions included in Fredric Butler’s letter regarding the “tyrannical” President Obama and the utter shame of the Democrats when Barbara and I went to Denver for the weekend. Friday evening was so delightful that I quickly decided on a change of subject.

About 9 o’clock, we decided to take a walk on the 16th Street Mall and it turned out to be a magical experience. Please permit me to tell you more. For starters, it was a lovely evening and the mall itself was perfect. The trees were in full leaf, the very attractive street lights were turned on, and all of the flowers were in bloom. The many patios of the various restaurants were almost completely occupied with people having dinner or merely a cool drink. And literally, many hundreds of other folks were just enjoying their stroll along the mall.

And just in case you haven’t experienced the mall recently – there were scads of pedi-cabs, horse and buggies and couples just resting for a moment on the many benches.

And, oh yes, there were others playing some of the pianos that are freely available, plus the chess players and the observers at the several chess tables.

I thought to myself that the whole picture would have delighted the residents of any city in America and could not have been better were we in Paris or Prague.

The entire scene was a showpiece for all of us and an affirmation of our lovely country!

David Le Vine

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