Vail Daily letter: New leaders needed |

Vail Daily letter: New leaders needed

Cindy Gilbert
Eagle-Vail, CO, Colorado

Eagle-Vail is facing a transition. Three out of five Metro Board seats are being voted on May 4. I am retiring from the Metro Board after eight years and am encouraging Eagle-Vail residents to vote for new leadership for Eagle-Vail.

Experience is not always better. Long-time residents Jane Ross and Keith Odza have been following recent events and are concerned about certain directions from the Eagle-Vail governing board. Both are willing to dedicate their efforts to assuring us that what is being decided (by the board) is what is best for our community. They have been listening and will continue to listen to the voices of our residents.

Incumbents’ (Tom Allender and Reed Ford) voting records on spending issues have not been favorable toward being conservative in these economic times. Please check their voting record before you vote.

No one should question Tom’s or Reed’s devotion of time and knowledge of current Eagle-Vail issues. However, their votes in favor of last-minute, non-budgeted expenditures (like entering into a contract to purchase an office building, or spending double-digit figures on a flood plan study or asset-land appraisals, etc.) have been hasty, without benefit of knowing the total processes or costs involved. 5A put money in our coffers, but not for short-term, impromptu spending. Keith and Jane are in favor of using our funds for pre-planned, long-range, cost-effective, projects communicated to and supported by Eagle-Vail constituents.

Learning from the past history and moving forward in a fiscally responsible manner is of the utmost importance for Eagle-Vail’s future. New watchful eyes looking after our community assets, amenities and purse-strings may just be the answer. Please vote for Jane and Keith on May 4.

Cindy Gilbert

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