Vail Daily letter: Newbury for council |

Vail Daily letter: Newbury for council

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

I would like to voice my strong support for Kim New-bury in her effort to be re- elect-ed to a third term of the Vail Town Council.

I have been involved in Vail politics for several years ( in roles ranging from casual observer to invested activist). The Town Council has made great strides in the past few years. This success can be seen on many fronts, ranging from new housing regulations that are helping to house the work-ing class of our community within our community to a new and prudent fiscal responsibili-ty when balancing the budget in these difficult financial times. I applaud the council for doing this while still staying commit-ted to the things that make the Vail community great. The deci-sion made by them to support the “All the Love” campaign is a shining example of the council’s ability to be progressive and responsible for the benefit of the town.

Kim has proven to be a strong voice during her tenure on Town Council. Her opinions influenced every major decision concerning new development projects during the past six years that she has been in office. She has played an integral role in increasing our employee-housing base in the town of Vail and has an excellent grasp of our community’s finances. Kim’s ability to balance business and community needs is one of the things that make her such an ideal public servant. She understands how to walk between developers, politicians and businesspeople to strike bargains benefiting all sides.

During her first term, I watched as Kim learned from tenured council members. Their knowledge, experience and big-picture outlook have broadened her perspective and helped her become an excellent policymaker in her own right. Since then, Kim has become a seasoned council member. Her knowledge of the policies and decisions that have taken place over the past several years is crucial in our government’s ability to move forward with continuity to execute many of the plans and objectives that are currently in process. Her experi-ence will facilitate the transition between the current and future Town Councils.

The town of Vail is in the midst of making some very seri-ous decisions in very serious historical times, and the stakes are only getting higher. Kim Newbury’s experience, prag-matic disposition and proven negotiating skills are exactly what Vail needs to promote community objectives and encourage responsible growth.

– Craig Cohn, Vail

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