Vail Daily letter: Nice job, congressman |

Vail Daily letter: Nice job, congressman

Karen Loewenstern
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am so pleased that my representative, congressman Polis, stood up for what is right and voted for health-care reform. He resisted tremendous pressure from the insurance lobbyists and fellow Democrats who were not so courageous.

The Republicans have shown their true colors. They are the party of “No” and are against anything that might give a victory to President Obama, even if it means doing what is right for our country.

Hopefully, they will see what the majority of this country wants when we go to the polls in 2010 and we’ll get rid of a few more of them.

In the meantime, we need to support congressman Polis and those like him and thank them again and again for representing us. He will most definitely have my support when he runs for re-election.

Karen Loewenstern


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