Vail Daily letter: Nice job with column on stuttering |

Vail Daily letter: Nice job with column on stuttering

Scott McAboy
Vail, CO, Colorado

Columnist Jack Van Ens did a great job of describing stuttering in his column “Learn not to falter even if you stutter.”

While King George VI was courageous for confronting his challenge of stutter, people should realize that it was an amazing feat as the dark aura of Nazism made some fear the end of the British Empire.

I once bought an old coin at a coin shop that had King George VI on it and would carry it my pocket for motivation with my stuttering.

My hope is that this movie educates the public on stuttering so that it may help kids at school who are bullied.

In terms of bullying, the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation recently put out a book on the subject called “Trouble at Recess,”which is a 36-page guide for kids on how to handle bullying and teasing at school.

The website of the Stuttering Foundation has many free resources, and there is a Spanish-language version of this site at

Scott McAboy


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