Vail Daily letter: No gods at all |

Vail Daily letter: No gods at all

Is it not way past time for all of humanity to call a spade a spade and refrain from sticking our collective heads firmly in the sand?

Though there is now indisputable evidence that no deity of any kind exists and that the future of humankind rests in the hands of living human beings, not gods, two of the world’s major religions, Christianity and Islam, continue to be locked in mortal combat that if not soon checked will likely bring down all civilization and doom any survivors to a grim existence.

All religions today can be viewed as merely an appendix in the evolution of mankind, an ancillary attachment that has no useful purpose (with the sole exception of control over the minds of the un-educated masses) yet can cause excruciating pain and even death if not surgically removed.

This ongoing, pointless and pathetic war over whose god is the only god (when there are no gods at all) has been responsible for the agony and death of billions of human beings over the ages.

The intelligent application of science must be brought to bear in order to cease this devastating and counterproductive wrangling. Planet Earth is the only world human beings will ever inhabit (space being so vast). Therefore, we would be wise to discard once and for all religious myths with roots in the Dark Ages and adopt a unifying, peaceful, worldly focus that perhaps could be referred to as secular humanism.

Peter Bergh


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