Vail Daily letter: No intelligent life |

Vail Daily letter: No intelligent life

Karl Berger
Vail, CO, Colorado

Is anyone home here? Chickens coming home to roost, eh? Well, guess what? We have let the fox into the hen house, and he is running rampant – of course with a little help from a friendly Congress and media.

Here’s the scoop. In February, Congress raised the debt ceiling to $11 trillion. Last month, oops. Hey, we need to make that $12 trillion, sorry. As of today? Hey, can ya make that $13 trillion, last time, we promise.

So are you ready for this? Right now, our annual interest payments are a staggering $650 billion a year. No principal, just interest only. Obummer and Congress together are spending an average of $100 billion every five weeks.

Now, let’s add another program, health care. By the Feds’ own calculations, the Office of Management and Budget, another trillion dollars over 10 years.

Even Obummer’s supporters are concerned.

Colin Powell, who vigorously supported him, has confessed, “I am concerned. You can’t have so many things on the table, and we can’t pay for it all.”

How about his new buddy, Warren Buffet on CNBC: “He is the commander in chief on this. People aren’t clear, and they’re scared stiff. This has to end.”

Six months into his job and look at the spending so far: $787 billion on a stimulus package, the largest spending bill in the history of the world, that isn’t creating the jobs they promised; $645 billion for “cap and trade,” and a $410 billion omnibus spending bill – $1.842 trillion.

Are you getting this? These clowns are bankrupting our country right in front of our eyes!

Don’t like your health care? We’ll fix it in three weeks! The same UAW that bankrupted the auto industry? Let’s push out the bond holders and give it to them! stimulus not working to create jobs? Hey, it might take some time. But don’t worry, we can manage our government, take on the auto industry, AIG, Wall Street and Citigroup, too.

The people who are paying attention are the very people attending tea parties. These are not nut jobs, radical rightwingers or Nazis. They are concerned Americans like all of us. I would encourage everyone to start voicing your disgust at Washington’s madness, write Mark Udall, Mike Bennett, your Senators in Washington. Don’t let up; keep up the pressure.

Our government is out of control, and we as Americans need to take our country back.

Karl Berger


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