Vail Daily letter: No more waiting for health-care reform |

Vail Daily letter: No more waiting for health-care reform

Glen Pittman
Vail, CO, Colorado

Hey Sal (Bommarito), nice to see a fellow New Yorker who merely happens to spend his fat investment banker-novelist income in Vail has an opinion for the Vail Valley lower- and middle-class locals who service his beautiful ski vacations on how they should just wait a little longer to address the outrageous state of health care in this nation.

You seem to think America just suddenly decided that this was an issue to be addressed and we are starting from square one because nobody’s even conceived of how to go about health care reform, providing universal health care coverage to all Americans, or creating a public insurance program in all the time since it was first proposed by FDR back in the 1930s.

Sure Sal, let’s just wait yet another year, and hopefully by then with a change in the political winds, a lack of focus or loss of national will, we can spare the poor folk with multi-million dollar incomes, the proposed universal health insurance surcharge.

After all we know that those with million dollar-plus incomes make that money all by themselves. It’s not like they rely on thousands upon thousands of other people lower on the social scale throughout society (the most fundamental element of socialism) to help them make those incomes and lead the lives they lead. So why should those incredibly hardworking multi-millionaires, who have to endure dreaded five-star restaurant and exclusive golf course meetings in resort towns, have to chip in to make sure the poor saps who service them and literally make this country run for these millionaires’ wealth accumulation are properly insured?

Of course, it probably doesn’t help that your information is utterly wrong. There aren’t merely 30 million people in this country that are uninsured, 10 million of whom are illegal immigrants. Did Rush or Fox “News” tell you that?

According to Politifact, the figures from 2007, when the economy was doing much better, put the numbers at 46 million people uninsured with 10 million being non-citizens (not all of whom are illegal immigrants). That makes at least 36 million Americans uninsured in 2007. It’s estimated to be quite a bit higher today since the economic collapse and millions now unemployed.

That’s only the beginning of the almost entirely erroneous information you give in your Valley Voices column. The mere fact that you casually mention “death panels,” as if that is even remotely a provision of any health care reform bill, should stand as exhibit A to your complete lack of credibility in this discussion.

I do applaud your effort though in trying to sound reasoned and thoughtful while disseminating inaccurate information about the extent of the health care problems in this ernation as well as the current efforts to address them. Bravo. You may have pulled the wool over a few more eyes. I’m pulling that wool away.

Glen Pittman


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