Vail Daily letter: No new impact fees in Vail! |

Vail Daily letter: No new impact fees in Vail!

Bob Essin
Vail, CO, Colorado

Can you believe it? We (town of Vail and taxpayers) are seriously discussing impact fees (taxes?) for new construction in Vail (99 percent reconstruction actually since almost every thing that will be taxed has been built on at least once, including Ever Vail location and Lionshead parking structure) for a fire station in West Vail that was court-ordered more than 20 years ago.

How much money has the town wasted in those 20 years? More than enough to build several new fire stations.

In recent years I can think of a few dollars, almost $2 million in Seibert Circle (the fountain there now is no better than the artwork before or just pavement), $100,000 for lights on the golf course a few winters ago, $400,000 for unused architectural plans in Nottingham Park.

So many wasted studies and so many planners’ hours. It just goes on and on.

Of course, I am not being positive enough, am I? Of course, I am crying over spilt milk.

A better solution might be to have a vote by taxpayers to use the 1 percent transfer tax to construct the fire station. I am in favor of the fire station.

A town council that did not waste taxpayers’ money and made good deals with developers would be appreciated for a change.

I would require employee housing for Ever Vail and Lionshead parking structure projects to actually be built prior to starting construction of the projects (or at least simultaneously) after the way Vail Resorts jacked us around on the housing in connection with Arrabelle. Finally they put up the money, but still nothing new is built for employees.

Forget about $20 million to build a bus station in Lionshead that we don’t need.

Voters’ attitudes overall toward additional taxes and bonds (county) may be negative because of general economy and poor job by Eagle County and Avon and Vail using taxpayers’ money unwisely too many times.

Of course, everything they do is not bad! The Vail Town Council should just try to get taxpayers to vote for a tax increase or use transfer fees rather than sticking it to new construction by impact fees.

Will the impact fees stop after the fire station is built and paid for?

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado.

Bob Essin

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