Vail Daily letter: No on 60, 61, 101 |

Vail Daily letter: No on 60, 61, 101

Steve Coyer
Vail, CO Colorado

As chair of the board of the Youth Foundation, I come into contact with our county public school system in many ways. I am continually impressed with the facilities we have provided for our children as well as the quality of the teachers and administrators we have recruited. That system is now threatened by the three propositions: 101, 60, and 61 are a trio of ballot initiatives upon which Colorado will vote in November. The passage of these initiatives would greatly limit our ability to invest in infrastructure, would cut funding to K-12 education and would hinder all public services across the state.

Voting “no” on all three of these issues is the right thing to do for our community and especially for our children. I urge you to do so.

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