Vail Daily letter: No place in society |

Vail Daily letter: No place in society

Katherine Delanoy
Vail, CO, Colorado

Come on, Mr. Butler (Jan. 2 letter), do you really think the writers of the Constitution foresaw the kind of weapons available now?

No one is trying to take away your hunting guns or even modest firearms for home protection.

However, the kinds of weapons that are made to kill in a war have no place in civilian society. They are made to kill many people at once. Period. What are you so afraid of that you need a weapon that kills over and over and over again in the space of a few minutes? This sounds completely paranoid to me.

You are worried about criminals? It was not criminals who were so disturbed they gunned down 20 children. We need to make these weapons as difficult to obtain as possible.

Katherine Delanoy


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