Vail Daily letter: No reason to diss Beck |

Vail Daily letter: No reason to diss Beck

Allen Davis
Vail, CO, Colorado

I read Richard Carnes’ Tuesday, Aug. 3, views concerning a wasted opportunity concerning Glen Beck’s gathering at Washington’s mall.

Congratulations, Webster can use his views as examples when defining cynical, hateful, derisive, mocking, contemptuous, self-absorption, narcissism and narrow mindedness. I trust he and his readers understand my response is satirical in hopes of being thought provoking.

His options on Saturday were to watch Glen Beck, a “bigoted fanatic promote his ideology based on ancient superstitions to the alienated sheep desperate for promotion” or golf. After reading his views, no doubt he chose golf.

This may dismay him, but Glen expressed his belief in the ideology of our foundering fathers (those old guys in wigs who founded our republic and whom the British wanted to hang) and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (character and honor count).

Carnes’ reference to ancient suspicions either refers to our founding principles contained in that pesky Constitution or religious beliefs. He got Glen on this one. Beck is a constitutionalist and invited Christian, Jewish and Islamic leaders, including Dr. King’s niece, to pray with the “alienated sheep desperate for promotion.” Come on now, how did Carnes figure that out –he is really “insightful.”

“Spank whitey or watch whitey spank the masses.” That sounds bigoted to me, but maybe Carnes should have watched and seen that the gathering was multi-racially attended. I know, it’s no fun to let the facts get in the way of a vitriolic, political diatribe.

“Those desperate for being told what to do and how to do it.” I’m not sure how Carnes knows the hearts and minds of 600,000 Americans who traveled, some many thousands of miles, to attend at personal expense. It’s Carnes’ right. Those poor, stupid souls — what is going on here?

“I cannot envision a gathering of this magnitude that does not end in rioting and senseless deaths”. He might want to look at those troubling facts again.

The gathering was one of the largest, most peaceful without an arrest or trashed grounds.

But what the heck? Carnes is entitled to his opinion whether it’s well grounded or hateful.

“I have tried to watch the man’s show. But each time, I somehow become wrapped up in trying to buy gold online.”

Maybe Carnes should read the newspaper and see “those wretched ads” that produce revenue. Does he honestly believe that every reader likes every ad in the paper? Here is a clue: Peek at the classifieds.

“Maybe I am not smart enough to get these guys.” Well, I guess we agree on something.

Wish Carnes had concluded his views: “Richard Carnes: I have an agenda.”

Allen Davis

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