Vail Daily letter: No shame |

Vail Daily letter: No shame

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

In response to David Dillon’s lengthy tirade (briefly, because this is not worthy of so much time):

Servers are servants, the word comes from an old French word. There is no shame in being a servant as any public servant, religious servant or civil servant will tell you. I have served in one of those capacities for 30 years and am proud to be called public servant. As to “get yourself a plantation where you can sit on your condescending butt mourning the loss of the Confederacy when people knew their places,” those are your ideals, not mine.

Referring to guests as “tables” is akin to referring to patients as “the leg in Room 3.” It is disrespectful and dehumanizing.

You also said, “Can you imagine a world in which doctors or lawyers have to settle for what their client or patient deigns to pay after their services have already been rendered?” This comparison is ludicrous. Can you imagine a world in which servers have to have 10 years of training before earning a living?

If the job isn’t sufficiently rewarding financially or emotionally, moving on is a much better solution than complaining. Matt could make a career change, open his own restaurant, work in a field that is rewarding in a job that he could embrace. Maybe he could go to law school or medical school, you should talk to him about it.

By the way, the word you were searching for after you called me pompous, patronizing, stingy, contemptible and superior is “bitch,” and I’m not that either.

– Jacqueline Worthington, Glen Cove, N.Y.

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