Vail Daily letter: No to takeover |

Vail Daily letter: No to takeover

Vail, CO Colorado

In response to Jim Cameron’s letter, I would first like to reiterate that I am in favor of health-care reform. I am not in favor of a government takeover and mandating anything with regard to the doctor-patient relationship.

Government involvement should be in providing the finest health care to those who are truly unable to afford insurance in the private sector.

I am also in favor of government involvement to educate and help people with regard to matters such as obesity, substance abuse and healthy lifestyles.

My intent was that my letter illustrate my concern that someone else may have a say in determining whether or not to provide a certain level of care to prolong a life based on the patient’s current contribution to society and cost-effectiveness. Ezekiel Emmanuel is an adviser to President Obama and has written some disturbing opinions on this matter.

With regard to my issue, I did ask the facility was why my mother could not be hydrated there. I was told that it was prohibited and that it must be done at the hospital – and, Jim, you can bet that I was all over them like “white on rice.” I am confident that what transpired in my case will never happen again at that facility – and no, there were no attorneys involved.

I mentioned the $22,000 hospital charge only to show an element of possible reform.

Another might be a review of the managed-care system which I discussed in a recent letter to the editor. What does one do for a salary of $8 million and $1.6 billion in stock? McGuire (CEO of United Healthcare) could have financed his own Cash for Clunkers program.

There are other problems which make the costs so high. AARP had a recent article stating that seven people in Texas were responsible for 2,900 visits to hospital emergency rooms in that state. Maybe, instead of immediately seeking medical care for a cold or a gas pocket, we should go to the pharmacy.

Health-care insurance is as much of an entitlement as food, shelter and clothing, and we should share in the responsibility. I encourage people to research the proposed healthcare bill(s). Knowledge is power.

In this great country, we have the freedom to choose what side of an issue we will be on.

I am for health-care reform but against a government takeover. Medicare and Medicaid are bankrupt. Social Security is either bankrupt or close to it, and look at the US Postal Service, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The bureaucrats in Washington have yet to get it right. Jim, you have the right to yell, “Pass this bill.” If “Obamacare” passes in its present form, I hope you will never need it.

P.S.: On another topic: Last Sunday, I attended a firearms-safety course given by Bogarts Gun Shop in Eagle. Jim and Jannie gave a very informative lecture. I recommend that anyone who owns a firearm and has never taken a safety course do so. You may think you know it all, but I assure you that you will walk away with a new and cautious outlook regarding ownership and responsibility. Kudos to Bogarts!

Dr. Michael Schneider Vail

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