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Vail Daily letter: Not a fan

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Sheriff Hoy running for re-election is something that needs to be looked at. Here are some reasons I think he should resign:

He claims that he and his staff are professional and follow procedures and policies. This is a joke. He’s made our valley look incompetent by his actions.

The Kobe case shows he will never have a clue. He didn’t follow procedure of filling a warrant. No surprise to me that his deputies can’t follow procedures.

His letter of why he should be re-elected is a misrepresentation of him and staff. “They’ll go the extra mile to help someone. I love getting calls and e-mails from people who are impressed by our people. Even the people who did something wrong will say they were treated with respect.” – Joe Hoy.

As for the first sentence, it is not true that they will go above and beyond to help someone out. As for being treated with respect, this is a lie. Call and make a complaint on a deputy, and see the amount of respect you get.

Hoy thinks he’s the man for the job. His remarks in the paper are hypocritical.

“Hoy worries that the county isn’t done with its hard financial times. That’s another reason he thinks he’s the right man for the job over the next four years.” – Scott N. Miller.

“It’s no secret that the county’s in a tight place right now.” – Joe Hoy.

This is very true. The economy still is bad, but he’s a poster boy of spending cash wisely? The Kobe case was a wise choice of spending $400,000, and building a $25 million jail-office upgrade during a recession was wise?

The six to eight employees he’s sad to have let go now know it was for his shinny new office.

Hoy, retire so we can get a real sheriff. One who can see that if a deputy is doing wrong, he gets his walking papers. Who will change policy to not using the squad cars as their personal taxi or allowing a deputy to be a door man at a local store. Make them patrol not just the area they live in, then park at their house.

This is part of a list of reasons you are too incompetent to be sheriff for four more years.

You still have to answer the question I asked you in January. Here it is for a second time: “Why does it take a letter to the Vail Daily to get a complaint to be taken seriously?”

And why don’t you reprimand immoral deputies?

And I mean do more then a slap on the wrist or paid leave – aka, a vacation.

Emmanuel Quezada Gypsum

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