Vail Daily letter: Not against development |

Vail Daily letter: Not against development

Jennie Fancher
Vail, CO, Colorado

Don Rogers’ “My View” commentary published in Friday’s Vail Daily did a nice job of outlining the complicated position that the town of Avon is in. Of course all of us who own homes south of the Village at Avon project have been aware of the projected development for years. After all, the original plan was approved in 1998.

However, there is opportunity here to perhaps reach a middle ground between the town and the developer. The town gave away any real say in the design review process when it passed the original plan. All my neighbors and I would like to see built is a tasteful village in our backyard.

The guidelines are vague, stating no definitions whatsoever with regards to what “commercial” actually means. While the development could be designed to be a beautiful mountain village, at the same time it could be developed to look like any strip mall seen throughout the sprawling urban communities surrounding Denver. Rumor has it that Bed Bath and Beyond is being courted.

There is an opportunity in front of us to move forward in a positive direction. Avon’s motto is “heart of the valley,” and we would all like to see our town blossom into a tasteful, attractive town.

So while your commentary made it clear that our voices are disrupting the status quo, and the only option that makes sense is to forge forward in a scenario with no winners, please note that we are not saying “no” to development, but that we want the development to be appealing to both the eye and our property values.

Eaglebend Drive and Hurl Lane represent the only residential area impacted directly by this development. If you have ever been down Eaglebend Drive or spent any time on the street, you might realize why it is such a special spot and why we want to keep it as sheltered as possible.

So, Mr. Rogers, while you make us out to be the bad guy in a situation that we had no say in to begin with, I ask you, would you want to have your opinion heard if this was being built in your backyard?

Jennie Fancher


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