Vail Daily letter: Not buying it |

Vail Daily letter: Not buying it

Jim Cameron
Vail, CO, Colorado

I hope Jacqueline Cartier got paid handsomely by a conservative super pac for her rather lengthy GOP “messaging” advertisement, “Don’t count GOP out.”

Ms. Cartier has this habitual tendency of stating her assumptions as factual observations. For example, she states, “Independents frequently rely on direct impression as a key factor in determining their position on key issues and candidates but rarely spend enough time to generate a strong and viable opinion. These impressions are largely swayed by perception, and perception is achieved by the image created.”

Really? As an independent, I would argue that independent voters spend more time researching key issues and candidates than those that are strict party members who methodically regurgitate the party rhetoric.

As for your characterization of the Republican Party, its values and positions towards blacks, Hispanics, women, etc., your examples are hilarious.

Perhaps you should have noted that Lyndon Johnson was a Democrat just to keep some element of balance in the history that you distort by harvesting just the minutia that serve your cause.

And small-business owners will often earn less than their employees? Any proof to back up that statement up, Ms. Cartier? Well, maybe some small-business owners make less than all of their employees combined.

Here’s a little quiz for you. What do the Bechtel Corp., the Rand Corp. and the many enterprises of the Koch brothers have in common? They are all classified as small businesses by the IRS.

Jim Cameron

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