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Vail Daily letter: Not just a another word

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Nazis, Nazis, Nazis – why has this term gained so much currency in the public square?

Several weeks ago, I wrote to the editor of this paper ranting (shame on me) and criticizing liberals for using the term when referencing the new Arizona immigration law.

Well guess what? I should not have limited my criticism to liberals, because many on the far right do the same when protesting the current administration.

In that letter I basically said that anyone using the term Nazi in any context other than when referring to the Third Reich was way, way off base. (My choice of terms in the letter were considerably more derogatory.)

So to my surprise, when I picked up Tuesday’s Vail Daily, there was my friend (and a man I greatly respect) making reference to “Oreo Nazis.”

I’ve known Richard Carnes for long enough to understand his, let us say, “wry” sense of humor. So I know where Richard was coming from and I know he meant absolutely no harm. Besides, regarding his commentary, I couldn’t agree with him more.

Nevertheless, I feel it important to the efficacy of civil public dialogue that perhaps we would all be better served by eliminating that term from our collective vocabularies for two reasons. First, its use does nothing to advance honest discourse, but more importantly, Nazi atrocities were unparalleled in human history.

Yes, Stalin and Mao may have murdered more people, but the manner and methods of the Third Reich are an indelible stain on humankind, which should neither be forgotten nor trivialized lest we lose the lesson we hopefully learned more than a half century ago.

Butch Mazzuca, Edwards

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