Vail Daily letter: Not the answer |

Vail Daily letter: Not the answer

Steve Taylor
Vail, CO Colorado

Mr. Le Vine, please tell me you’re kidding. You’re sounding a lot like the mainstream media now, and yes, I include Fox in that description! The mainstream media lie, insinuate and distort the truth to try to make us believe there’s a difference between Republican and Democratic politicians.

The reason people can’t afford a quality education these days is because of the insane bureaucratic costs created by the federal government and the unions. Teachers and students get screwed while administrators get fat. (Please check out the documentary “The Cartel.” Its portrayal of New Jersey’s school system is a glaring example of how our current educational system wastes resources.)

And really? “Bigots”? What a disgusting comment! Race baiting has no place here!

In regard to your comment “deletion of $100 billion will unemploy 1 million people” – that is not true. However, it is currently being bantered around on many uber-liberal blogs right now. I suggest you do some more research and get to the truth of that statement.

Now, speaking of war – where has the anti-war movement gone? Were they really just anti-Bush? I’m against the wars no matter who is president. But the movement seems to have disappeared. Is war OK as long as a so-called liberal (sorry, Democrat) is in office? Let’s please get out of Iraq. Let’s get out of Afghanistan. Let’s stay away from Libya. Shall I continue?

Oh, and one more really silly comment you made: “47 percent of Americans pay no income taxes.” I don’t really get your point unless you’re trying to say that they’re all rich and that makes ’em bad. The truth is that the biggest percentage of that group doesn’t make enough money to have to pay. Well, again, like the mainstream media, trying to insinuate something with no truthful basis.

Mr. Le Vine, let’s not raise taxes. You and I and everyone we know have had to lower our budgets over the past few years. It’s time for the government to do the same thing. Actually, I would like to see our officials give up a percentage of their salaries that matches the percentage the American people have lost over the past two to three years.

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