Vail Daily letter: Now I get it |

Vail Daily letter: Now I get it

Kip Tingle
Vail, CO, Colorado

After six years of cycling in Eagle County, I have finally figured out the bike etiquette.

While riding cruisers or commuters bikes (Townies) to breakfast, the bank or anywhere else you are allowed to wave and acknowledge the fellow commuter and they will acknowledge you as well with a smile, a wave of the hand or even the rare “Hello.”

Dog walkers and joggers will also follow this etiquette to commuting cyclists.

While on a Townie, you obey traffic laws and are aware of traffic.

I was very familiar with this etiquette in other cycling communities in the Midwest, but what I have learned over the last six years is this: Once you put on the lycra team kit, you can be a complete imbecile. I had no idea!

Oh the joy of witlessly spinning through roundabouts, red lights and stop signs. And by not saying hello or smiling at other cyclists, I save soooo much energy and I can maintain my focus on cadence — whatever that is.

Occasionally, I will peek at what bike is being riden or what kit is being worn to see if the rider is worthy of either; maybe a glare will ensue. Oh the joy of riding absurdly.

Had I known six years ago this was acceptable etiquette, maybe I too could have one of those really ludicrous friends to ride with.

Kip Tingle


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