Vail Daily letter: Now we can focus on Holy Cross election |

Vail Daily letter: Now we can focus on Holy Cross election

Matt Scherr
Vail, CO, Colorado

Now that the Eagle River Station dust has settled, we have an issue vacuum in the valley. But fortunately we have a fascinating race to fill the vacuum: the Holy Cross energy board elections!

OK, maybe “fascinating” is overselling it for many of us. Few of us realize how fortunate we are to have such a progressive and well-run energy cooperative. But of course it isn’t good fortune, it’s the result of each of us as customers of Holy Cross exercising our right to choose the leadership and direction of the company.

And that opportunity is back again. If you’re a customer of Holy Cross, you’re also an owner, and as such you’ve probably already received a ballot from Holy Cross in the mail for the current board election.

And maybe you aren’t having heated, polarized discussions around the water cooler about the best candidate for this job. But for what it lacks in sex appeal, the role of the board is crucial in determining your future energy costs, reliable delivery of electricity, and the source of our energy.

In the South District you only get to vote for one candidate. And though Tom Turnbull’s retirement from the board leaves big shoes to fill, we are fortunate to have someone with some big feet (figurative feet, that is) to fill those shoes. Bob Gardner has similar experience and would provide great continuity to Tom’s leadership on the board. In his 30 years as an employee at Holy Cross, Bob was instrumental in developing much of Holy Cross’s innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives that have give the company a well-balanced energy portfolio.

In the North District we get to pick two winners. Adam Palmer has already brought great vision and direction to the board with his practical knowledge of energy efficiency and innovative fiscal energy strategies. He is helping Holy Cross maintain its progressive advantage in the new energy environment we are facing. Check that box.

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Finally Kristen Bertuglia, the town of Vail’s sustainability coordinator, has had great success in making Vail a municipal leader in energy and waste solutions in our community. In the unenviable world of smalltown politics, Kristen has special experience in working with various, and often contentious, interests to find common and successful solutions that allow Vail to have greater control over its future.

I hope you’ll vote for Bob, Adam and Kristen to ensure Holy Cross continues leading the way to a more balanced, sustainable, and secure energy future for our community. Place your bets and mail your ballot before June 4.

Matt Scherr