Vail Daily letter: Now you’re talking crazy |

Vail Daily letter: Now you’re talking crazy

Daniel Foley
Vail, CO, Colorado

So looking at pictures of crop circles can heal you and is also the source of infinite free power? Shame our lizard people overlords are protecting the gas and oil companies and keeping it from us! I guess its easy if you’ve got help from aliens to help keep the truth from the general public.

Mr. Keough is free to have his nonsense opinion about aliens and free energy, but he should leave vaccine talk to the medical professionals. He said “vaccines have been proven ineffective and actually have been shown in many, many cases to increase the likelihood of diseases and adverse reactions.”

Yeah, I’ll make sure to mention that to the next person with polio I see. When long dead diseases such as whooping cough start to return we can thank people like Mr. Keough and their anti-science and anti-common sense crusade.

So feel free to believe in aliens, and whatever alternate energy theory with no proof you want, just please leave the medical advice for people who know what they’re talking about.

Daniel Foley


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