Vail Daily letter: Obama’s subterfuge |

Vail Daily letter: Obama’s subterfuge

Fredric Butler
Eagle, CO Colorado

I recall that one of the “changes” espoused by a particular presidential candidate in 2008 would be that the workings of government shall become open and transparent. And, with that, there would be bi-partnership cooperation amongst the White House and all representatives and senators in performing the work of the Republic. At the time of that momentous election, government in general had lost the trust, confidence and respect of the people, and there was hope in the air for a representative agenda that would respond and adhere to the will of the people – a Republic that would represent, rather than care-take and march to the beat of the U.N. or the unknowns.

I would opine that no less than 90 percent of working Americans (Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Libertarians) wanted that change to occur; hence the one who promised that change won the prize of the presidency by a small majority (52 percent), and America lost the opportunity to preserve its identity and remedy the sins of the past.

Over a year after that election, we now have evidence of what that change has wrought. To enumerate but a few:

One, a president who persists in concealing the proof of his citizenship, nationality and qualifications for the position. For the rest of us to procure even a passport, we must provide a birth certificate. His “word” is his proof, and transparency has become irrelevant.

Two, a president and Congress that would demand an open and transparent accounting of monies spent by the Federal Reserve, and other public recipients of tax revenues and monetary infusions from the minting presses. Rather, we still have a “stonewall” refusal by the Fed and even members of Congress regarding their use of public property, e.g., Air Force passenger jets, “fact-finding” junkets (vacations), etc.

Three, the passage of a massive and unread “stimulus” bill (TARP) based upon hyped and nontransparent data that would preclude the rise of unemployment over 8 percent. And even after the disbursal of a portion of those funds, the concealment or unaccounting for where the money went or even the names of those who absconded with it.

Four, the presidential appointment of the so-called “czars” without the transparent and Constitutional vetting by Congress – what these new governmental folks do, or what their qualifications are, is still a mystery to most.

Five, the maintenance of bogus “empirical” data to promote the “scientific” pitch in favor of global warming – all to further the takeover of the American energy industry, and to justify the ruinous “cap and trade” legislation (good for China, but destructive to the American people and their interests).

And now for the capstone of the president’s touted “transparency”: six, the trillion-dollar health-care process to enact a bill that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want – this abuse deserves a separate paragraph to illustrate the presidential and congressional cover-up of it all.

What we have now witnessed in the process of “cover up” is:

One, the touting of a new healthcare bill that would better the lot of Americans across the board, when the real intent and purpose is to further the intrusive reach of the federal government – it is not about health care, but all about control; and “control” is harder to sell to Americans than is care for their health; pull back the shroud of hollow words from this president and those in control of Congress, and you will discern a vast and new bureaucracy being fomented to the expense and coercion of the people.

Two, the private and partisan meetings of Democrats in drafting and dealmaking this legislation, to the exclusion of the Republican, Independent and Libertarian factions. Is a closed-door meeting an indicium of transparency? Where is the promised C-SPAN coverage when you want it?

Three, the extortion by big labor to influence and curry favor of powerful legislators in support of this “health care” bill.

Four, the blatant bribery of certain senators to purchase their favorable votes (Nebraska and Louisiana, to name the more renowned).

Five, the suspect support of this legislation by the AARP and big pharmaceuticals – were their connections with the White House and Congress to be exposed, these two institutions would be known to be as well connected and tied into the Washington elite as Goldman Sachs, GM and AIG – is this fascism or what?

And, six, we have the end-game ploy with the Congressional gimmick of “reconciliation” to push this travesty through Congress, and bring it to fruition – all to the benefit of a governmental/corporate cabal. The Robert Byrd-authored rule on “reconciliation” was only to be used for the purpose of expediting incidental and fiscal issues relating to a major bill that itself required the prerequisite 60 Senate votes for passage. Were this president and his congressional cohorts to be honest, nonpartisan and open with the public, he would condemn the application of this rule, eschew it as inapplicable, and call for an “up and down” vote of the super-majority (60 votes). This malfeasance with the rules in place is purposely concealed by the president and his congressional toadies.

Mr. Obama and his party promised change, and that was subterfuge to forward an agenda of socialism, the destruction of a Republic, and the establishment of the military/financial/governmental/corporate power elite, beholden not to the American people, but only to the interests of those whose names would be known were it not for the absence of transparency.

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