Vail Daily letter: Occupy local business! |

Vail Daily letter: Occupy local business!

Have you been hearing the news about “Occupy” making another run at it this spring? Want to make a real difference in the 2012? Forget the disruptions, protests, and boycotts. Make 2012 the year you support local businesses! Make a conscious effort to occupy locally owned businesses every chance you get.

Sit down and make a list of all of the locally owned businesses you know. Remember where you saw your neighbor working, or your friend who owns a business. Keep those businesses in mind every time you need a product or a service. You may pay a little bit more for the product than in the big box, but you are supporting the local economy.

Many chain stores sell products for less than local businesses actually pay for it. This does nothing for the local economy. Many items you see at the entry of the big boxes are done specifically to get the impulse buy, not make money.

Consider a local option before frequenting the big box or chain store. Eat at the locally owned restaurant, or get your prescriptions at the new locally owned pharmacy.

Keep the money circulating in the local economy. Yes, some locals work at big box stores, but the majority of the money you spend goes to corporate headquarters or to replenish inventory that comes from places far away from this valley (like China).

Local businesses typically buy locally, buy product from Colorado companies, or make it themselves. Local business owners also realize the importance of spending locally. Remember the businesses you know of that are owned by locals who live here, work here, and spend money here, and keep the money circulating in the local economy.

We are all here to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. No matter what brought us here, we all have to survive to stay here. We each have an opportunity to help make that happen. I am not talking about taking money from one group and giving it to another. I am talking about supporting the local economy by frequenting them whenever possible.

More importantly, frequenting local businesses helps establish relationships with people in the community, and those bonds carry forward into cooperation and loyalty. These valuable relationships are what create a sense of community. Local businesses are usually the sponsors for our local athletes and students.

Local business owners and employees are much more likely to provide great service to their guests because they know that we are all ambassadors of this great valley. Local businesses typically offer local discounts, or discounts to loyal customers. Make an effort to occupy local businesses.

Don’t forget to talk to some of the tourists here and tell them thank you for visiting the Vail Valley and supporting the local businesses. We want them to come back, too!

John Rosenfeld

Candidate Eagle County Commissioner

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